Q: When should new puppies and kittens have their first visit?

A: Puppies should have their initial examination around 6-8 weeks, and kittens around 9 weeks of age, if there are no signs of any problems or concerns. Multiple immunizations at different visits will be required to get your pet’s immune system ready for exposure to the environment outside your home. Puppies and kittens are highly susceptible to viruses, infections, and/or parasites, and proper early care and screening help to give your new baby the best start in life. Serving Central Texas communities such as Dale, Lockhart, Smithville, Bastrop, Cedar Creek, and La Grange, contact On Call Veterinary Services to schedule a visit for your new furry friend.

Q: Why does my indoor pet need heartworm preventative?

A: Indoor pets need heartworm preventatives because heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes, and mosquitoes can certainly enter out homes. On Call Veterinary Services recommends heartworm preventatives for both dogs and cats in Central Texas.

Q: How important is nutrition for my pet?

A: Similar to human food intake, a diet that is low in fat and high in protein is essential to the life of your pet. On Call Veterinary Services can recommend a specific diet, feeding schedule, and portion control based on your pet’s age, breed, size, and lifestyle. We offer the newest and most efficient food available on the market today.

Q: What if I begin to notice visible parasites for the first time on my pet?

A: Flea and tick preventatives have improved greatly in recent years. These preventatives are safe and effective in a wide variety of forms. At On Call Veterinary Services, we fit the preventative product to the pet's problem and living environment here in Central Texas. Parasite control is a key factor in eliminating disease carrying parasites in your home and in your yard.