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Dental Care

On Call Veterinary Services offers dental care for large animals in rural Central Texas including the areas of Dale, Lockhart, Smithville, Bastrop, Cedar Creek, and La Grange. We specialize in equine teeth floating.

Floating teeth involves gently filing and removing sharp edges, hooks, points, or other irregularities that may have developed on a horse’s teeth. This procedure is performed, using a tool called a float, in order to ensure that the horse has a smooth flat surface for easier chewing. If your horse cannot chew properly, he most likely will not be able to chew hay or other grain supplements to break down the food he eats for proper digestion which can lead to other problems.

Signs of dental problems will not always be obvious, which is why it is good to have your horse’s teeth examined on a regular basis. Signs of dental disease can include head shaking or tossing, feed packing in the cheeks, facial or jaw tenderness and swelling, reluctance or refusal to eat, dropping food while eating, weight loss, and more.

Contact On Call Veterinary Services at oncallvet@yahoo.com to schedule a visit for equine dental services.