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Digital Radiography & Ultrasound

Two important diagnostic tools that we use at On Call Veterinary Services are digital radiography and ultrasound. Having these capabilities in our mobile service vehicle enables us to safely and quickly assess the status of injuries or diseases that may be affecting your animal.

Digital radiography can be extremely beneficial in helping Dr. Huddleston evaluate the muscular-skeletal, cardiovascular (cardiopulmonary), gastrointestinal, reproductive and urinary systems. It aids in diagnosing fractures, revealing masses such as tumors, measuring organ size for disease, diagnosing pneumonia, and discovering pregnancies, bladder stones, chronic arthritis, and certain spinal cord diseases.

Digital radiography is safe, non-invasive, and it uses only very low doses of radiation. Because the level of radiation exposure is so low, it is safe for pregnant females as well as very young pets.

Ultrasound is also an extremely useful, non-invasive diagnostic procedure that produces clear, easy to read images that are more detailed than an x-ray. An ultrasound uses high frequency soundwaves to create a moving picture of your pet's internal organs. The ultrasound procedure is particularly useful in examining abdominal organs, diagnosing cardiac problems, and finding bladder and kidney stones.

If you live in Central Texas in the vicinity of Dale, Lockhart, Smithville, Bastrop, Cedar Creek, or La Grange, On Call Veterinary Services can provide mobile digital radiography and ultrasound services for your large animals at your residence.